The Four Agreements – Part 3 – "Moderation is Key"

The Third Agreement “Moderation is Key”

“Moderation is Key” Is fairly intuitive. Excess or extreme lead to trouble. This also includes inherently the concept of “Self Discipline.” This should not be confused with discipline from others.

In Christian texts they speak of the “Seven Deadly Sins.” For example wanting to relax is not a “sin,” but sloth is. Sloth is an extreme which leads to all types of mental and physical troubles. This is the same for the other six.

“Sin leads to Hell” We have all heard this, but what is “sin?” I believe its original intended translation is “mistake” or “mishap”; something you can recover from.If you judge yourself harshly, you will put yourself in a state of “suffering” also called “hell.”

In Zen they simply say “Attachment leads to suffering.” The idea is the same. Do not get attached to anything to be free from suffering.

In this case the “sin” occurs not from moderation but from perpetuating an action. If you learn from it, then you are all good.

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Written by Merlin

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