What is Reality? – Merlin


[part 3]

“What is Reality?”

Let’s break it down.

Our sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin, tongue) send sensory data (see, hear, smell, feel, taste) to our b rain. Our brain uses this data to produce various experiences from within. There for our perception of this (any) “Phenomena” is a construct of, in and by our mind.

What I “see” is not “External”, but “Internal.” Same with smell, hear, feel and taste. The mind always gives you the experience by reflecting on what it already knows.

It is possible that the sense objects, alone, are “Real”, but they are (also) “conditional.” It is clear that perception is subjective based on the mind which is observing which, it self, is based on conditions.

If something is “Conditional” it is said to have no “fixed” existence. So to look at a photo of yourself when you were a child and say “this is me” is clearly wrong.

Examine what we think of as “self,” “other,” “reality,” “love,” “fear” and any other concept with this inmind.

Consciousness does not come in through the sensory gateways. This I also call “Mind.” It seems to be independent from the external phenomena, yet is also born of “conditional arising”. As such it seems to be a mistake to call it “self.”


External and Internal

When I speak of External, I mean all things reliant on external stimuli. For my purpose I include the body as well.

Internal is in the “Mind” only.


Since “Conditional Arising” is clear, we can say “All things are essentially one big thing.” Trouble arises with the concept of “Separation.”

If you see yourself as a part of the whole you will swim like water through water, but see yourself as separate and travel a confusing rocky path.

I feel this way because the more you flow with phenomena the more  harmonious your mind. The more you cling, the less harmonious.

This is the meaning of “The unrelenting tree is snapped by the wind, but the grasses, flexible and yielding, bend and flow and suffer no damage.”

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Written by Merlin

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