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    The Four Agreements – Part 2 – Merlin

    The Second Agreement “God is Everything” In this case I consider “God” to be another word for “everything”.This actually supports the first concept and should maybe be combined, but these were the exact phrases we both accepted in these words.There are so many bible teachings that support this idea.If I ask people of various beliefs […] More

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    The Four Agreements – Part 1 – Merlin

    The Four Agreements In a talk with a Christian, I jotted down four concepts which we agreed on. I realize we may not consider them with identical perceptions, but wanted to share my thoughts. The Four Concepts are: 1. Separation Leads to Hell. 2. God IS Everything 3. Moderation is Key. 4. Change is Absolute […] More

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    What is Reality? – Merlin

    10/30/2011 [part 3] “What is Reality?” Let’s break it down. Our sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin, tongue) send sensory data (see, hear, smell, feel, taste) to our b rain. Our brain uses this data to produce various experiences from within. There for our perception of this (any) “Phenomena” is a construct of, in and […] More

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    A broken state of perfect understanding – Merlin

    10/30/2011 [part 2] “Conditional Arising” “This” exists because conditions conspire. “This” ceases because “those” conditions ceased to conspire. All Phenomena follow this law. Another way to word this is: “this” arises because “that” arises; “this” ceases because “that” ceases. This is the basic idea behind “All things are Temporary” or the concept of “impermanence.” A […] More

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    Everything is Trivial and Spectacular – Merlin

    Intro: Big Snow storm. No electricity for over ten days. Candles, a radio, a bottle of whiskey and this notebook. 10/30/2011 Within every experience hides the seed of your doom. Everything arising from the your sense organs is corrupted in this way. If you just think “this is a ride” then what comes in (through […] More