The Four Agreements – Part 1 – Merlin

The Four Agreements

In a talk with a Christian, I jotted down four concepts which we agreed on. I realize we may not consider them with identical perceptions, but wanted to share my thoughts.

The Four Concepts are: 1. Separation Leads to Hell. 2. God IS Everything 3. Moderation is Key. 4. Change is Absolute Truth.

“Separation Leads To Hell” states that the concept of separation leads your mind into a position of suffering.

Separation comes in m any forms like “self vs. Other” or “In here Vs. Out there.” Gender, Bloodlines, Traditions, species and the list is truly endless. These are delusions which weaken your mind and prevent it from freely flowing. As a conditional condition WE are all the same.

Hell is simply a Mind which is Suffering. I do not subscribe, as  my friend I think does, to the idea that it is a place you go to when you die.

Heaven on the other hand is a State of Mind in Harmony. This, to me, is our true Nature or at the very least a state of mind most (people) favor.

So to me this includes “separation of self and God.” There is never a time when you are not one with “God,” but merely times when you are not paying attention and think you are separate. Even in christian doctrines it is said that “heaven is being in the presence of god and hell is suffering because you can no longer be next to (one with) God.”

“Being in the presence of God” is likened to Zen. You accept things that come and go whether  (they) are for joy or sorrow. You know of “Conditional Arising” by which ever words you use to call it.

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Written by Merlin

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