The Four Agreements – Part 5 – Merlin


The first two concepts “Separation leads to hell” and “God is Everything” appeared to fit each other well. Combined to say to us “Rejecting any part of life leads to suffering.

If God is everything and feeling disconnected from God leads to trouble, then clearly we should do our best to accept all events be they pleasant or unpleasant.A very nice man named Jesus taught this with his every action.

So lets paraphrase “Rebelling against reality leads to a state of suffering

When rebelling you have literally died as your old self and reincarnate in Hell. A result of attachment to temporary things we can say.

The second pair: “Moderation is Key” and “Change is Absolute Truth” go perfectly together as well. By maintaining moderation and variety you will have a naturally easier time with “Change is Absolute.”

All things are based on conditions they will be changing no matter what. This applies to the physical and mental realms equally. So here we can maybe summarize we have : “Rebelling against reality leads to a state of suffering” and “Flowing with reality leads to a state of harmony.

I feel that being in the current moment is flowing with reality it is at least a good “tool.” What do you think?

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What do you think?

Written by Merlin

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