A broken state of perfect understanding – Merlin


[part 2]

“Conditional Arising”

“This” exists because conditions conspire. “This” ceases because “those” conditions ceased to conspire.

All Phenomena follow this law.

Another way to word this is: “this” arises because “that” arises; “this” ceases because “that” ceases.

This is the basic idea behind “All things are Temporary” or the concept of “impermanence.”

A paradox is seen though when challenging this concept. If all things are based on conditions and temporary then  naturally “impermanence” itself must be subject to this idea.

So one is forced into a broken state of perfect understanding by forcing the mind to traverse this paradox.

Regarding “arising” I must explain. “Arise” in this sense means many conditions, both known and unknown, support the object or experience in question. Suggesting these conditions “fall” or “cease” is a subjective description and also redundant. A more exact description would be “change”.

When I say “this” I mean a generic and broad term for any sense object or mental object. In short I believe “phenomena” suits what I am trying to communicate.

Since all “conditions” are themselves “phenomena” we can now say:

“Phenomena exist only so far as the supporting conditions remain unchanged, but conditions are temporary.”

Though if you say “nothing exists or is real” you are wrong and if you say “this exists and is real” you are likewise wrong. If you say Nothing, then you are on the right track.

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Written by Merlin

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