Sex offender gets probation while victim suffers

Today we will be talking about a man named Lynn Conrade Hase from Kansas who is not the first person in my #garbagehuman series.

  • Lynn Hase was a 37 year old male at the time of his sentencing around January, 2020
  • Hase got 2 years probation
  • Hase’s victim suffered his abuse starting when she was 14. She was repeatedly abused during community theater practices as well as other places this man brought to abuse this child.
  • From the victim’s own words: “When I was younger my favorite time was spent on the Family Theatre stage, beginning when I was 5 years old. My love to act and perform was taken away. My childhood and innocence were taken away by this man for his own sexual gratification.”
  • The victim now suffers from anxiety and PTSD daily
  • By taking the plea deal the prosecutors dropped the remaining counts, including aggravated indecent liberties and criminal sodomy from the case and settled on a plea agreement.
  • Hase’s brother is also a convicted child sex offender according to the victim’s mother.
  • KBI records confirm that Lynn Conrade Hase’s brother whose name is Scott Allen Hase is a registered sex offender with MULTIPLE aggravated convictions including indecent liberties with a child.The judge ordered that Hase has no supervised contact with any child under the age of 18, EXCEPT his own children. This man has children and their uncle is also a registered sex offender. I’m hoping that people are watching those children in this family’s care.

    This is Lynn Conrade Hase:


About the author of this article:

Okay, so I’m not a journalist or a writer but I have a voice and I can spread the word.

Rightly so we can’t show victim’s faces, that’s why maybe the news doesn’t want to cover stories like these or maybe there is another reason.

These stories NEED to be spread further and people NEED to be more aware. So I used a public image of a random girl to signify all the little girls and boys out there who cannot voice their abuse.

We need to #savethechildren and one voice does make a difference. YOUR VOICE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!I decided I was going to start a series on #bizzbinable which is a site that allows every day people to post their thoughts and share news for free, to help spread the word more.

I hope these news stories spread far and wide and I hope people start sharing more. These stories cannot be held quiet anymore.I’m calling this story series #garbagehuman

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Written by Matina

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