Multiple mail in ballots will they cause VOTING issues?

People alarmingly are getting multiple mail in ballots and it can’t be a coincidence. As the first person on our list states “Wanna convince me that mail-in voting is secure now?”

He writes: “In the past week I’ve received mail in ballots for 5 different people that I’ve never even heard of, and 3 with my name on it. Technically I now have the ability to vote 8 times. Wanna convince me that mail-in voting is secure now?”Another group of instances happening in Houston:“If you have already mailed one in, you don’t need to send one in again,” Oldham said. “Over the last 15 business days, we’ve probably averaged about 1,000 pieces of mail a day for mail-in ballot applications and only about 300-400 of those were new applications, the rest of them were duplicates… If you’ve already mailed in multiple applications, Oldham said there is no harm done. It will just be more work for the elections office, but they are capable of sorting it out.”  – Fort Bend County Election Administrator John Oldham(ref: 

In Illinois:This  Illinois couple who received five vote-by-mail applications at their address with different names seems very familiar. So what do we do now? What are the next steps? What are your thoughts on this? 

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Written by Matina

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