Texas killing spree by gunman killing 20 people

Here are some alleged facts I gathered so far:

At least 20 people were murdered including a mom, Jordan Anchondo, who was killed protecting her 2 month old baby. The baby suffered from broken bones as his mom fell to the ground.

At least 26 people were injured

He is 21 years old (Killers full name will not be announced here because he’s not important and he wanted the notoriety so please go elsewhere to look it up)

He went after adults and children

He used an AK-47 type weapon

This happened in Walmart in El Paso, Texas

The shooting spree lasted for 20 minutes

He wrote in a manifesto about how there was a Hispanic invasion in Texas happening and recommended an ethnic cleansing.

He was arrested

If you follow the link above you will see more information on him and an article written by Alahna Kindred and Neal Barker providing more details.

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Written by Matina

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