CCTV captures woman stealing ring from corpse in open casket

In Odessa, Texas a woman stole this poor woman’s wedding ring off her body as she was laying in the coffin. Her family was distraught. The woman whose ring was stolen was 88 year old Lois Hicks. Her family was devastated especially her grand daughter Brooke Vaughan Burns who posted on Facebook about the disgusting act.

The woman who stole the ring actually ripped the poor woman’s skin taking that ring off. The family had left the woman alone in her coffin for only 15 min.

The woman who stole the ring, Kalynn Homfeld, was finally caught, pleaded guilty and received 8 years in prison. The family supported the sentence.

Video courtesy of: euronews, you can find more of their content here:

More info on this story can be found here:

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Written by Matina

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