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Tonight we have a frighteningly fun list to share with you. For this list we decided to create a Power Couple list Mystcon Style.

As we all know “The couple that slays together stays together” and with that in mind we tried to find you guys a list of couples who’s guns, cleavers, fangs and deepness of bonding leave a mark in this world and possibly beyond.

Many of these are from films or tv shows which you can go ahead and check out. We will include links for trailers or samples as available. We also tried to prevent spoiling any of the shows or films, but just as a safe measure we will add a SPOILER ALERT.

Using the voting buttons you can pick your favorite and when we make the video version of this list we will put them in that order!

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#2 Valeria & Conan – Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Though short lived, Valeria and Conan are a significant icon of raw love. These two raised heck through out the land. While robbing treasures and drinking themselves stupid they had an unbridled pure passion that literally transcended death! I will never forget her final words to him "Kiss me, Let me breath my last breath into your mouth." This is one brutal barbarian couple you do not want to encounter in a dark alley.

#3 Lori & Arron – Nightbreed (1990)

Being with someone who sleep walks and has horrifying dreams can be a challenge. When the situation escalates and that person goes wandering off to find secret cemeteries and monsters this is when you really find out what you are made of. In spite of death, horrible creatures and cruel humans Lori remains devoted to Boone which is why they made it on this list.

#4 Yuno Gasai & Yukiteru – Future Diary (2006)

When you want to discuss deep love look no further than Yuno and Yuki from the Future Diary series. Through endless battles, horrors, blood and challenges they still remained a serious power couple who's love could even transcend multiple universes! They bring homage to the saying "Couples that Slay Together Stay Together."

#5 Sookie & Bill – True Blood (2008)

Many will criticize the age difference of a few hundred years between Sookie and Bill, but there is no doubt that their bond and feelings run deep. Rivers of blood are spilled directly or indirectly by this undead and human relationship. Though not without hiccups, their romance is the stuff of legend and they earn their place on our Power Couples List.

#6 Alice & John – The Brass Teapot (2013)

When we first meet Alice and John we find a couple who is not doing so great financially, but clearly have a deep connection and love for each other. Upon finding a special teapot their fortunes changed but at the cost of their tenderness. A lot of violence and life lessons later they stick it out and get to live their regular life normally ever after. The endurance and willingness to suffer for each other get's them on our list. Good luck you two crazy kids.

#7 Djuna & Paolo – Kiss of the Damned (2013)

When Paola would not give up his pursuit of the lovely Djuna she eventually succumbed to her own passions towards him and they decide to give it a go. This couple is no ordinary couple. Djuna, a vampire, has turned Paolo into a fiend of the night such as herself. Not everyone on her side of the family appreciates this and an arduous uphill torturous battle ensues. Without fail this couple looks out for each other and certainly no strangers to gore. Mystcon Power Couple: Approved.

#8 Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are well known for their uncanny ability to win the hearts of the people. As this couple fought and lived and died together without ever breaking their vows to each other they definitely have a spot on this list. We find it hard to love them when we know they were probably quite mean, but as Bonnie was rendered immobile by a festering leg injury, Clyde simply carried her around. For good or ill, they are truly a Power couple.

#9 Alabama & Clarence – True Romance (1993)

A chance meeting leads to unimaginable future adventures for this fascinating power couple.We are talking pimps, psychos, mobsters and even the law. This newly wed couple simply wanted to sell a ton of stolen cocaine they happened upon and live happily ever after, but so many people tried to interfere! Through thick and thin they support each other making them an ass kicking, enemy slaying power couple.

#10 Mallory & Mickey – Natural Born Killers (1994)

Natural Born Killers is a slightly more insane approach, similar to stories such as Bonnie and Clyde. Mickey and Mallory successfully slayed many enemies together and bonded together with blood. With a series of endless hallucinations and whacky misfortunes these two fought and supported each other through it all. Unfortunately their choice in victims wasn't limited to bad guys so a thumbs down for that. Here at #MystCon we do not support horrific couple slaying of innocent people.

#11 Jasmine & Cosmo – Cold Blooded (1995)

When Jasmine meets Cosmo she is very excited that he is so interested in hearing about her and sharing time together. When cosmo reveals to her that he is a hit man their relationship hits a snag. He promises never to kill again (after killing his bosses to get free of course) and they work it out. Although there will be no more slaying in their future (presumably) this couple still makes it onto our list due to the bloody carnage filled corpse field that paved the way for their future happiness. Cheers Jasmine and Cosmo.

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