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Here is another list of mysterious events you may never have heard of before. We trying to find the things that others miss. Let us know which ones you want to hear more about and we will investigate!

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#1 The World has Already Ended

In 6000 years The Mayans have only been wrong about 1 day in their extremely accurate calendar, that day was December 23, 2012. They predicted the end of the world, although some believe that is when the Mandela effect started happening and perhaps it was actually the end of the world as we knew it.

#2 The Dragon Dinosaur

In Qijiang City, China a construction crew unearthed a 50 foot long “Dragon” dinosaur with a neck that was ½ his body in size!. They named him Qijianglong guokr

#3 Pollocks Reborn

In 1957 the Pollock sisters named Joanna and Jacqueline both died in a horrible car accident. The family was blessed with twin sisters the following year named Gillian and Jennifer. The girls seem to know information they couldn’t possibly know including where they had gone to school when they used to be Joanna and Jacqueline. This is a bizarre case of reincarnation that no one can explain.

#4 If 666 is bad what does 6666 mean?

Ancient monuments have very weird distance statistics:
Kailash to the North pole – 6666 Km;
Kailash to Stonehenge – 6666 Km;
Egyptian pyramids to North pole – 6666 Km;
Stonehenge to Devil’s tower – 6666 Km;
Stonehenge to Bermuda triangle – 6666 Km;
Well you get the idea …

#5 The Creepy Toy Store

In the 1970s staff at the Toys- r-us in Sunnyvale, CA started hearing faucets in the bathroom going on and off, female employees felt like someone invisible was playing with their hair. There were objects moving on their own. A T.V show did a seance at the store and experienced a figure standing next to them. Historians found that in 1884 a man named Johnny bled to death from a self inflicted axe wound in that exact area.

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