List of Mysteries You Probably Never Heard of Part 2

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Here is another list of mysterious tales you may not have heard before. Use the buttons to rank your favorite and keep an eye out for more like this!

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#1 The Tale of the Frightening Sisters

On February 2nd, 1933 - Christine and Léa Papin sisters who were 27 & 21 years old, attacked and tore out the eyes of their employer with their bare hands. They continued to bludgeon and slice the rest of the family using things they found around the house. The investigators discovered them in bed together nude with a bloody hammer next to them. They confessed immediately.

#2 King Vampire of the Undead

December 21st, 1969 a young man named David Farrant stayed at the North London Cemetery and saw a shadowy grey figure and wrote the newspaper. Soon a large amount of newspaper readers started sending in their own accounts of this figure. It is believed that the King Vampire of the Undead who practiced black magic has been patrolling the grounds because that is his burial site.

#3 The Dark Bridge

In 1994 a Kevin Moy threw his baby son off Overtoun bridge in Scotland, he believed the baby was the anti-christ, that wasn’t the weirdest thing that’s happened at Overtoun bridge, for the past 50 years dogs have been randomly jumping to their deaths for no reason. There are signs to try to prevent this from happening including to keep a close eye on your dog.

#4 Unwelcome Guest from the Skies

On June 20th, 1908 Superman landed on earth, umm no not really but well maybe, because a giant fireball crossed the Russian sky in Siberia and destroyed 80 million trees and burned 100s of animals dead in its wake. This was felt as far away as Britain and no one knows what it was

#5 Disappearance of Dennis Martin

On June 14th, 1969 little 6 year old, Dennis Martin disappeared at the national park in the Smoky Mountains. He and his 2 little brothers ducked out really quick in their own individual hiding spots so they can jump out and scare their dad (so they had to be fairly close together to do that. Well 2 of them jumped out and Dennis just vanished never to be seen again.

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