Sandison confesses to murdering child molester in prison

Its seems that more an more prisoners are creating their own justice.

Murderer Steven Sandison killed a child molester when he wouldn’t stop talking about raping an 11 year old. He later went to court and stated the following:

“I’ve been getting these emails that say it’s not my position to judge anybody, and I want to make it quite clear that I didn’t judge him. I know God is the only judge we have…I just set the appointment up” -Ref:

Earlier this year another prisoner Jonathan Watson, 41, confessed in the letter to the Bay Area News Group that he clubbed two prisoners in the head. Both were serving life sentences for aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14.

Watson had warned the prison to not allow him to be with these men. He warned the counselor several hours previously that he needed to be transferred back to higher-level security but his requests were dismissed.

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Written by Matina

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