Who is the Easter Bunny who beat up Florida Man?

Antoine McDonald who is 20 years old and from Florida, is the man behind that Easter Bunny costume. The costumed hero was out with his friends enjoying Easter. They were passing around that bunny outfit having some laughs taking turns wearing it enjoying the reactions. 

The group came upon a man arguing with a woman, he might have let the altercation go but he saw that the man spit at the woman then they started fighting. McDonald told Fox35 Orlando that he just walked over there to try to help. McDonald stated that he tried to pull the two people apart before focusing on trying to get him off her. People started taking out the phones and taking many videos of the incident including this one from @noswajigga. 

The unlikely hero has been actually arrested multiple times in previous years for several things including burglary and oddly enough spitting at a 7-eleven employee. 

I know many people have different thoughts on the matter but maybe I’m just an optimist. I think this shows that he has a big heart and maybe just needs to be lead down a different path. He saw someone in trouble he didn’t charge in to it just to charge in, he tried to separate them to do it peacefully. He didn’t think about getting arrested again (he has warrants and he was probably very aware of them), he just thought he needed to help. I hope this man gets a second chance and realizes his potential, stops messing up, he has such incredible opportunities ahead of him. 

Please excuse the rambley, grammatically incorrect post, I have a headache but also wanted to make sure I shared this with you guys.  

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Written by Matina

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