HORRIBLE video of crash caught LIVE

You are about to watch a shocking video of what appears to be a driving under the influence crash and flip their car on an innocent bystanders pulled over vehicle. Everyone who knows me knows the passion that I have about people driving under the influence. We don’t know this for sure but there was certainly something going on. I wish people would take the many different options given out there and not drive under the influence. She could have killed herself and 2 people nevermind everyone else. 

VIDEO::::   (If it’s not loading try this link instead for the original video

Details are coming out that the driver of the vehicle that crashed into the parked truck was under the influence but nothing is clear yet.

The driver of the parked truck who is believed to be Nathan McGuire who was with his fiance Jessica Lester, stated in a Facebook post:

“So this just happened to us. We were broke down (drive shaft) on the side of 205 north waiting for AAA sitting in the truck (buckled up luckily) and the drunk driver in the van smashed into us.”

In another post he writes:

“We really appreciate you guys checking in. We are at Sunnyside getting checked out. I think all in all I’m just glad we walked away. I’m really bummed about the truck but it took the collision like a champ (it could have been so much worse). We are still really shaken up. I cant believe it’s all on video. It is crazy watching it from that perspective. I seen it coming a few moments before but didn’t have time to do anything. Still just doesn’t seem real. “

The original video is believed to be posted by Jayson Faught who was driving behind the lady under the influence. He knew what was about to happen any moment, you can tell that from the video. He followed the woman for 5 miles and he stated she had hit multiple cars. Jason went on to say that the lady was going about 60 miles per hour and he had watched the woman hit multiple cars in succession leading to the crash.

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