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Why you shouldn’t “Share and type Amen”

Written by: Matina Lamackar


First of all I want you all to know, I’m not a blogger. I’m not a writer just a regular person with some thoughts that I like putting down when I get frustrated, irritated or inspired.

This story is all about being irritated by the toxicity of meme’s and shares out there in Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. I will be pointing out one such example. I did some basic research. Maybe I got some things wrong but I’ll reference all the articles and I encourage YOU to do the research, like I did. I don’t have anymore knowledge than the average computer user. All I did is what you can do, Google-it.


This image was created somewhere, by someone. This is actually a pretty terrible Photoshop job (or other editing program). There are actually better ones out there that look more realistic. This doesn’t stop people from sharing it though. This image was edited but it could just have been shared as is (the original image is below) for something called Like-Farming.

What Exactly is Like-Farming?

Like-farming on Facebook is a technique in which scammers create an eye-catching post designed to get many likes and shares. Posts often give people emotional reasons to click, like, and share, such as adorable animals, sick children, or political messages. For example, some posts claim that Facebook will donate money for every comment or share. As more people like and share the post, it appears in more news feeds, giving the post a much wider audience.” 

The original image:

Click here to read more about Like-Farming SCAM in this BBB article

Here is the DEVASTATING effects of sharing children’s images like these. These scammers do not care about these children, they care about your interaction with the images. Don’t be a victim of this scam. You’re not helping any one get a transplant by sharing images.

Don’t you think that if someone could get a free transplant from shares and likes that we would have heard about it in the news and not through a fake FB group.

“The caption on the circulating photograph claims that baby Zoe will receive a free heart transplant if the picture receives 1000 Facebook shares. However, this caption is a blatant lie. Zoe suffered from CHD (congenital heart disorder) and received a heart transplant operation in 2007. Sadly in July 2008 she passed away. Zoe’s mother Julie is extremely upset by this cruel and totally unauthorized use of Zoe’s picture.”

Click here to see the full article describing this tragedy written by Steve Williamson

Click here to see the news article on the passing of baby Zoe

Sorry if the format of this article is not correct. I did my best to be thorough. Just do your research, A quick google search will save you from helping the wrong people. If you’re not willing to do a google search and and take 60 seconds for some research then how much do you actually care? Are you doing it to look good to your friends or are you doing it for the right reasons. How is this going to help a family? Could your time be better spent by possibly sharing a missing poster of a child or an adult from a legitimate source?

If you would like to share something please consider the National Missing and Exploited Children website or Charley Project.

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Written by Matina

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