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Raped but she didn't struggle enough so…

Time for some victim blaming and another reason why women do not come forward after being traumatized by rape. 

The victim who has only been identified as LM was told she wasn’t vocal enough by the three male appellate judges and that she should have made more noise to alert the cadets close to her. LM told the courts she froze and stayed in the fetal position for the entire rape but the judges just didn’t think it was possible that someone could just stay there and not yell or scream loud enough for someone to hear her. 

The alleged rapist was actually convicted in 2016 on a 21 year sentence of this crime and his name is Jacob Whisenhunt but now that conviction has been tossed aside. 

According to CBS news “In May, a survey released by the Department of Defense revealed that sexual assault in the military had spiked nearly 40% since 2016 — with an estimated 20,500 service members experiencing some kind of “contact or penetrative sexual assault” in 2018.” 

The image is a stock image, the victim’s identity has been unidentified for obvious reasons. 

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Written by Matina

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