Play Zombie Fails @ EvilExpo!

Greetings Fellow Villains!

In honor of Newbren at the EvilExpo event we will be bringing this amazing game to help you improve your villainy skills!

You will be forced to make decisions regarding WHO to feed to zombies which helps a good super villain prioritize his friends in order to know who they will sacrifice first!

You will also gain experience with lots of laughs at the hilarious misfortunes that befall your enemies such as when they fall off a roof and into a wood chipper.

Zombie Fails is a very fast and simple game that brings tons of replay value and laughs. Customized versions including characters or locations of your choice available so you can literally have to choose between your dog or your best friend to feed to a cannibal so you can escape!

As Villains we love to cheat and get ahead. To do this go ahead and check out the links below to learn more and be ready to play in the game room at Evil Expo!

Zombie Fails: Flee the City

Zombie Fails: The Hills Have Teeth

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Written by newbren

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