11 kitties left to SUFFOCATE in boxes by a heartless person!

On January 11th 2019, a lady named Wendy, returning from her work saw some cardboard boxes near a busy road. She heard meowing and investigated and called Celia Hammond Animal Trust in for help. She saved 11 young very confused cats that were about to suffocate inside these boxes which were sealed up in an incredible amount of tape. Whoever did this did it knowingly to kill these animals. You can read more of this incredible story here

For those asking the lady who found them did not open the boxes right away because she didn’t know the temperament of the cats and their fear might have made them leap onto the street. So she poked holes and got them help as fast as possible. 

Pictures were provided Celia Hammond Animal Trust Page

The boxes were sealed incredibly tight

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Written by Matina

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