Well that was a close call no one saw coming…

Facts about the 2019 asteroid everyone missed 

  1. The meteor was noticed on July 26th 2019. 
  2. The size was 427-foot-wide
  3. It passed within 45k miles from Earth
  4. The astronomers and scientists named the asteroid 2019 OK 
  5. No One saw it coming
  6. It was coming at us at 54,000 miles per hour

If you’d like to read more check out this article from the business insider website. 

I have to note that these facts are collected from news and articles from the internet. If you know of something different or have a different source that contradicts these please let me know so I can do a correction. 

Photo credit goes to Vadim Sadovski/Shutterstock 

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Written by Matina

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