7 Free and Simple Ways Bizzbinable Benefits Your Small Business

Since our website community is more focused on sharing content than sales your viewers will never feel like they just landed on a spammy affiliate marketing site which goes a long way for reducing the clicking of the back button 🙂

Objective of this Article:

Share some thoughts on how you can use to do the following:

  1. Gain Exposure
  2. Increase your Audience
  3. Retain your audience.
  4. Earn Money

7 Free and Simple Ways Bizzbinable Benefits Your Small Business

1. Sell Coupons for SHROOM Coins – Did you know you can SELL a coupon listing through your bizzbinable account? Imagine you have a 25% off Coupon for your Website Development Business and you list it in our community shop for 100 Shroom Coins. People can get this coupon essentially for FREE using their coins. This will increase sales and get your listing into the community for all to see which promotes your business even if they do not check out!

2. Sell your REAL products for SHROOM Coins – Why would I sell REAL products for Shroom coins since I can not cash Shroom coins in for real money? Use your imagination. You are running a small business because you are innovative and creative! You can increase interaction with your audience simply by doing transactions with them. If you are a developer this is a great way to get your products out there for people to see! Let’s say you are a card game manufacturer and you want to get your product out there. When people can spend Shroom coins they are essentially getting it for free. Consider your cost as an promotion or advertising cost.

If you are not running a small business, you can consider it more like trading. You may trade your old cell phone case (aka sell it for 500 coins) for a vintage NES controller (aka you need 500 coins to get this). It is really an elegant and brilliant community market place we have created that is limited only by your imaginations!

3. Sell your Virtual Products and Services for Shroom Coins – This is a great one. You may notice items such as “logo design”, “social media shout out”, “Social promotional graphic” and other design service products in exchange for Shroom coins. This is because creative people and artists are willing to invest the time to get exposure and earn shroom coins. Virtual Products and Services can be delivered instantly and they can use the coins they earn from their listing on items in the shop. These types of listings have no shipping or cost to the seller other than their time. Do you do computer repair or remote services? Do you design custom graphics, music or websites? All of these things are possible! Again this will gain an audience and allow you to be involved in the community gaining more ratings and interest.

4. EASILY CREATE INTERACTIVE CONTENT LIKE A PRO – YES! allows all members to create interactive content and share just about anything. I  know what you are thinking: “Why would I make a personality quiz for my furniture store? or a VERSUS poll for my alarm clock factory?” The answer: Attention! Gain peoples attention more with interaction and keep them coming back for more as well as sharing all over their social networks with their friends! Maybe you can make a quiz to determine if you are a LOVE SEAT or  a COUCH person for your furniture store. Maybe you can create “Do you prefer Digital VS Analog Clock” post or a “10 Facts about the history of clocks”. You share this on facebook and the world finds you. The same creative thinking can be applied to all the items we allow you to create.You can create Lists that members can vote to rank the items so you can learn more about what people really like! You can use Polls to see what next move you should make with your business or project! The sky is the limit with this type of audience interaction!

5. Build A Network of Contacts and Social Sharers – What kind of people use bizzbinable? Smart people. Fun People. Cool People. Business People. ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE! When you feel inclined share other members posts on your facebook, twitter or other social networks. They will do the same for you. And remember their audience improvement becomes yours because their audience are following their links back to bizzbinable! Building a network of community members who’s content you enjoy sharing can build long term friendships and maybe even the next amazing business will be developed here amongst you guys finding each other and putting your heads together!

6. Use Bizzbinable instead of OR in addition to your real website. – Bizzbinable has a fully fledged SEO system with an array of different types of content. Audience members of all kinds will visit here. This site can handle ALL of the functions of a person or small business trying to engage the world. You can use it as your blogging site. You can use it to keep providing weekly content to your audience while also getting exposed to a whole new audience! Every post or listing you make and share on social media sites means another “button” that if someone clicks – THEY FIND YOU. Which brings us to the final component that is critical…

7. EASE OF USE AND CONSISTENCY – We all know that consistency is the way to retain an audience. What once required hiring a whole separate person to be your customer service, web developer, website maintenance and content creator for marketing can all be done very fast using our front end tools meaning MINIMIZING YOUR TIME and MAXIMIZING YOUR RESULTS. As a bonus with bizzbinable you can rest assured that if you take a week off, your audience still has things to keep them on the site for when you return! Consistency means another thing for us. We have a great IT team and marketing support team which means your website data is safe (and being backed up daily) and people are actively adding, sharing and developing new ways to spread the word about bizzbinable. It is comforting to know that if the site has problems our team springs into action even if it is 3am!


Leveraging your bizzbinable account properly can absolutely gain and retain an audience. Using the ideas above I hope you will expand on them and show us new uses we never even thought of! A bigger audience means more leads and in this casual environment you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and I really can’t wait to see what you will create with our tons of free features! Have a fantastic day!

Using the tools bizzbinable provides FOR FREE to increase your exposure and reach is almost silly to pass up!

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