What are Shroom Coins?

Shroom Coins are a unique currency created for our members to directly exchange with each other for products or services. They have no monetary value outside of bizzbinable.com.

How can I spend them?

You can click “Community Shop” in the main menu and click “Community Listings”


How can I earn them?

You earn coins by listing and selling items or by engaging in activities on this site . The list is increasing every day. Check out THIS PAGE to see different ways to get more coins.

You can also Transfer Coins from one account to another on participating websites that use Shroom Coins. CHECK OUT THIS PAGE

Can I buy them?

Yes. Check out THIS PAGE and scroll to the bottom.

Can I convert them into real money?


What about shipping?

Listings that require shipping will be handled between the buyer and the seller. Sellers will let you know the best way to pay them for shipping