How do I get More Shroom Coins?

There are a number of ways to obtain coins for use on

Being Active

Many things you do on the site will earn you coins just for being active! Keep an eye on your Shroom Coin Activity Log for clues on how to earn more. See your site ranking by clicking HERE

More to come!

We will be constantly developing new ways for you to gain Shroom coins! Please keep an eye out for secrets as well as check this page for new add ons.

Or you can support us!

You can buy ? coins below. Purchasing Shroom Coins this way helps us keep the website going! We really appreciate your support!

[mycred_buy amount=50]$4.69 USD Gain 50 ?[/mycred_buy]
[mycred_buy amount=100]$9.37 USD Gain 100 ?[/mycred_buy]
[mycred_buy amount=150]$14.06 USD Gain 150 ?[/mycred_buy]
[mycred_buy amount=200]$18.75 USD Gain 200 ?[/mycred_buy]
[mycred_buy amount=250]$23.44 USD Gain 250 ?[/mycred_buy]

Or Select your custom amount below: