Top 10 facts about the Breonna Taylor's alleged murder by po

Top 10 facts about the Breonna Taylor’s alleged murder by police:

  1. Breonna Taylor  was a 26 year old emergency room technician who was working with COVID patients and risking her life to make sure they were okay. 
  2. A bit after midnight on March 13th of this year, police entered Ms. Taylor’s home by breaking the door down. 
  3. She was allegedly wrongfully murdered when police broke into her home in plain clothes and shot up the house, they also did not have their body cams turned on.  
  4. Authorities suspected a man involved in a drug ring was receiving packages of drugs at her home according to the no knock warrant. The actual man was later believed to be neighborhoods away not at her house. 
  5. Breonna’s boyfriend fired at police officers in plain clothes when they broke into his home causing them to fire back 22 shots almost killing several family members including a 5 year old child. 
  6. The 3 officers involved in her shooting are on administrative leave
  7. There has been a wrongful death lawsuit filed 
  8. As protests for Breonna Taylor and George Floyd raged on Monday, both police and the National Guard fired shots at a crowd of protesters, killing David McAtee, whose body reportedly lay in the streets of Louisville for over 12 hours
  9. Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad has now been fired
  10. The lawsuit filed by Taylor’s family states that the officers arrived in plainclothes, without announcing themselves using unmarked cars, they did not announce who they were, and that Walker and Taylor thought they were being robbed.

Please note this is information I have gathered and everything is alleged until proven otherwise. 

Picture courtesy of CNN 

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Written by Matina

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