Step by Step exercises to increase business productivity – Day 4

Day 4: 

There is are 3 ways of handling your office space. A. Organization to a point where things are productive and function as they shouldB. Hyper-Organizing/Micro-Organizing to the point where you have wasted hours/days/weeks on the same project or an extension of that project and because of that reason you have not been able to accomplish tasks for that time that could have helped you with your business.C. No organization at all / Worry about it later approach to organizing.

Take about 5-20 minutes today (maybe around lunch) and really think about the last 2-3 times you cleaned anything that had to do with business.

How did those times go? Be honest with yourself.

If you simply organized then proceeded to the next task, you have nothing to change. You’re doing it correctly as long as that level of organization is working for you.

If you organized way too much then for the next 30 days every time you would like to organize something ask yourself if this is the most important thing that needs to be done right away. If it isn’t, then leave it alone and move on to the next task.

If on the other hand after 20 min you couldn’t even remember the last time you organized anything, then ask yourself, are you spending a lot of your time looking for things in a pile of things and then get frustrated when you can’t find them? Are you consistently moving projects to the back of the line “I will get to it eventually…” Well then you need to get started but not get overwhelmed by organization. In the next 24 hours you should pick 1 project, for example organize a group of folders on your desktop/laptop or clear your work area. Give yourself a specific time limit and organize one thing. Make it small. Continue to give yourself spots of time throughout the next few weeks to catch up on your organization.

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Written by Kardia

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