Man uses $900 from savings to buy gas for more than 50 Detroit n

Mr. Allen Marshall a #Michigan resident used $900 he’d been saving to buy gas for #Detroit nurses during the #coronavirus #pandemic. He has inspired others to do the same including a woman who spent another $200 to do the same!

“Allen Marshall spent Wednesday and Thursday at an Exxon station near the Detroit Medical Center with a sign that said “FREE GAS FOR NURSES.” –

Marshall was saving money to buy a gift for himself but he decided that he would use this money to save lives instead. z

Imran Al Samet who is the gas station attendant at Exxon where this was happening told CNN that Marshall had bought gas for between 50 and 80 people on Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Michigan currently has 15,718 as of this article and 617 deaths.

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Written by Matina

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