The Darkest Stage Show (4/5)

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Once upon a time in Strasbourg, Alsace in July of 1518 a woman called Mrs. Troffea began dancing uncontrollably in the streets.In a short time she was joined by 34 other people and eventually spread to 400!

Doctors eventually decided that it wasn’t the work of demons or other supernatural influences and agreed to build a stage and encouraged the infected to “dance it out”.

Records indicate at one point up to 15 deaths a day from exhaustion or heart attacks! Making this what we at mystcon think of as “The Darkest Stage Show”.

To this day there is no conclusive cause or reports of this happening again (that we are aware of) but the newest theories point to Ergot a type of mold that can cause people to hallucinate.

Imagine for a moment the spectacle of this stage in the center of town with hallucinating people dancing to death. The sound of their feet on the wood moving ever closer to their demise with each passing step.

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