Dealing with the end of Humanity – TV Shows

Good evening everyone! Today we have a great list to share with you guys. This is a group of TV shows that depict an end of the world scenario. This may be a show about the world ending or they may take place AFTER the world has already gone to hell in a hand basket.

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#1 Z NATION (2014)

I know what you are thinking. ANOTHER ZOMBIE SHOW? I highly recommend you check this out anyway. These guys do an incredible job. It is creative, hilarious and then edge of your seat anticipation. You will see things in this series that you had never even considered when it comes to zombies.

#2 Jeremiah (2002)

What do you get if you mix the dude from Beverly Hills 90210 and the kid from The Cosby show with a world of brutal violence and survival?


This show is not to be missed. It takes place 15 years after a virus has wiped out all humans who had reached puberty leaving children to adapt and evolve to the world that remained. I love this kind of story and this one is at the top of my personal list of shows worth sharing. I hope you will check it out. By the way MANY other guest stars for you to be surprised at too.

#3 The 100 – Official Trailer

THE 100 is a story about what remains of mankind surviving on a space station orbiting earth. The time period is about 100 years after the earth was destroyed by nukes and they send 100 prisoners (teens and kids) to the earth to see if it is habitable because they are running out of resources on the space station.

The adventure begins instantly both on the ground and on the station as insane catastrophic obstacles lead to fantastic exploration and discoveries of humans who already live on earth. They survived the nuclear winter and had formed tribes.

In any case there are a lot of brilliant scenes and tough decisions to be made. If you like the idea of watching a group of kids adapt to a post nuclear earth then I implore you to watch this show from the beginning.

They are still making more of these too!

#4 Prey (1998)

A rare and possibly hard to find show. This was a great series about discovering a new humanoid DNA that is the next level up from humans as we know them. I haven't seen it in a long time, but i remember thoroughly enjoying the adventure. If you haven't seen this check it out! I think it was only 1 season.

#5 Threshold (2005)

Something whacky happens on a ship at sea that turns out to be some kind of dimension shifting alien dna infusing evolving life form. There some really fascinating things you see in this series. Keep an eye out for the garden plants that start growing human teeth!

I won't spoil any more of it.

#6 The Walking Dead (2010)

Of course we are including The Walking Dead in this list! I know what you are thinking again... YES another zombie show. You have seen them all before. You know whats about to happen because it always happens. But honestly these guys did a good job when they created this show. It is based on a comic book series as many of you may know. At the beginning of the first episode: Here is you,"Ok he wakes up and is alone.. ok everyone's gone and he is wandering around.. ok he approaches someone and I know they will be a zombie"

If you make it past this you will start to enjoy it. They are still making these now so you have a lot of catching up to do if you just discovered this show here.

#7 The Tribe (1999)

While a bit cheesy and overly dramatic, the tribe offers a futuristic environment where adults have been killed off by some kind of pandemic. The children naturally form into tribes and create a new world. There are a lot of episodes, but if you love creative shows and have the time its also quite enjoyable.

#8 The Last Man on Earth (TV series, 2015) – Official Trailer HD

This is a comedic approach to a last man on earth situation.

Caught a few episodes of this when it first came out. While it wasn't something I continued to watch. It is one of those I always planned to go back and watch. I love the scenarios of people who are alone at the end of the world. It always begs the question: "What would I do if I were in their shoes?"

If you haven't seen this it may be worth checking out and if I ever get back to them I will let you guys know!.

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