125 coffins found under Tampa Bay Apartment Complex

Residents of the Robles Park Village are devastated by the discovery of over 120 coffins under their homes. Here is some information I have gathered about this tragedy.

  • The over 125 caskets are believed to have been a long forgotten Zion cemetery. 
  • A portion of the park is covered by buildings and the radar cannot penetrate through them so there are more likely alot more people buried under those buildings. 
  • Only 40 percent of the complex can be radared the rest is not able to be scanned at this time. 
  • The area is about 2 1/2 acres of burial ground
  • It is believed to be a segregated cemetery for African – American built around 1901 
  • The apartment complex is owned by the  Tampa Bay Housing Authority
  • VP of the tenant council of Robles Park Village, Clark Simmons was very upset stating that there are still people buried under there. 
  • The reason for the search was because the Tampa Bay Times wrote a special report speculating the location of the graves, which prompted the housing authority to hire an Archaeologist named Eric Prendergast who made the discovery. 
  • The housing authority will not remove any of the bodies if found they will be relocated safely to another cemetery. 
  • It is believed there are between 350 and 750 people buried under the cemetery but it is capable of holding over 800.
  • The housing authority as well as the complex very traumatized staff are working to figure out the best and most respectful solution for the care of these people who are believed to have been buried and forgotten.

For more in depth information you can read this news article written by the Tampa Bay Times as well as this one by Fox News


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Written by Matina


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