Why I am excited for Path of Exile: Betrayal

Why I am excited for Path of Exile: Betrayal

I first started playing Path of Exile April 4th 2014 when my friend Wallylee showed it to me and I was hooked but after a while, I moved on with the grind not being enough to hold my interest playing solo. So, 4 years later to my surprise I find myself counting down the days to their new “expansion” so what’s changed that has re-ignited my interest?

The Goal Vs The Grind

In Path of Exile before when I had played the goal and grind where one and the same. Granted the grind in Path of Exile is amazing compared to most games in the genre, having varying maps and opponents but in the end, it was still a solid grind. For me, I need more goals to keep me invested and from the looks of things that is exactly what is provided.

What are the goals?

The goals provided by the new content add to the existing goals. The New Masters having been away from the game for so long there has been a multitude of Masters added in the past seasons. Their own primary character and objectives in this expansion they are both brought back as a singular unit. The New Masters add significant extra content for new and returning players, of The New Masters content from them I have experienced are:

Delves –  a labyrinth-like system in which you go deeper into the world through a mine looking for treasure encouraged to go deeper and being rewarded for going further than others until you can no further defeating what comes your way.

Bestiary –  an addition in which you assist the Master Einhar Frey in catching beasts allowing you to perform crafting and customization at his blood alter.

Let’s take a deeper look at not just returning content but new content specifically that of the “Syndicate System” this system is an ongoing amount of content that adds yet another layer of story to the game. Though we don’t know too much about it what we do know is that it appears to function very much like the Nemeses System from Shadow of Mordor as it is all about manipulating the opponents in power to your whim to help you to take down your enemy.

So what does this all add up to?

With this level of depth, I am ecstatic to see and experience how it all turns out as this league continues as a solid functioning product. This league has both wonderful grind and new goals. This new content has expanded so much upon the base of the game as it was when I had first started playing in 2014.

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