What is the #Broomstickchallenge2020 ? and how to do it!

According to Newsweek, “The broomstick challenge is the latest challenge to take over Twitter. The basic premise is that brooms and other objects can stand upright through a mysterious trick of gravity, but only on certain days of the year” 

The rumor started when someone made a mention of NASA issuing a challenge that only on February 10th, 2020 is this possible. This is not true NASA never issued such a challenge but it still spread via twitter like crazy. Now taking over Facebook and other social media. 

Some have figured out that it’s just a gravity thing. So the good news is you can try it right now, it will still work. 

While a broom standing up on its own has nothing to do with the gravitational pull on a certain day, it does have to do with gravity. The center of gravity on a broom is low and rests right above the bristles. That means is you get those bristles positioned like a tripod, the broom will stand up on its own, any day of the year.Read More: The Truth Behind The Standing Broom Trick! at

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Written by Matina

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