Boat is leaving, time to choose

You can only have ONE and not the other. Which will you choose? What did your friends choose?

Imagine a boat was leaving for the only safe place on earth. You get to vote for these items and the items that have the most votes get on that boat but you will never have the others. Don’t let your favorite not come to the boat. Share with your friends but choose carefully because they might not want the same things.

Find out the ongoing vs polls, and come back for the final decision on January 2nd, 2019!

Have your own versus you want to add before the boat leaves? Comment below and I’ll add it!

  • Question of

    Fruits vs. Vegetables

    • Fruit
    • Vegetables
  • Question of

    Cake vs. Ice Cream

    • Cake
    • Ice Cream (yes they will stay cold)
  • Question of

    Coffee vs. Tea

    • Coffee
    • Tea

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Written by Matina

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