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    920 Minutes To A Unified Community

    Once a random pool of genetics in space, this colony of AI creatures has built a home for themselves. Creatures in this simulation have different “creature shapes” or “species,” if you prefer. Generally they stay in their own colonies and fight for survival! Here, after 920 minutes, we see a structure built by the dominant […] More



    Artificial Intelligence Naturally Develop a Dyson Sphere!?

    A colony of “Arachne” shaped AI creatures evolved and built a mega structure around the center of their universe. All food grows inside or ON the structure now and all other creature hordes that break through into this universe do so INSIDE the structure. At the center they have their queen and ultimately the “arachne” […] More

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    Experiments in Artificial Life: AI Hacking it's Own Code!

    Experiments in Artificial Life: CreaturesAlpha 10.8 The trouble with evolving AI Creatures is that they adapt to conditions. In my life I have seen many fascinating results with AI experiments which result from unexpected adaptations. Bonus Nerd Points: Can you see from the video what the main cause of the trouble is? More