9 Spooky Campfire Story Shows List

Have you seen any of these shows? Which is your favorite? We can do a “Best episodes” List for the one you guys rank the highest! Here is another List from Mystorical Conspiracies! Today we will be going over a list of “Spooky Campfire Story Shows.” The TV shows listed will be shows that were a compilation of stand alone stories or “compilation” series where each episode would be 1 story.

#1 The Twilight Zone (1959)

I can not imagine any of you have not heard of the Twilight Zone. This show began in 1959 and had a reboot years later.

I fondly recall spending new years eve with friends watching the entire Twilight Zone marathon on TV.

#2 Monsters (1988)

"Monsters" has clearly been overlooked by society! This gem of a show will have you instantly hooked even at the intro. This is a dark and sometimes comedic series with a few seasons to keep you entertained.

The first time I saw this series was while surfing the channels with my dad late one evening. We came upon the intro (see the video above) while flipping around. You remember those days? You just watched what was on because thats just what you got? The scene of the beginning made us both fascinated with the utter unusual and corny vibe. Eventually I had the chance to see them all and I suggest you do the same if this is your type of entertainment!

When I did a search for "Monsters" and "Monsters TV show" on IMDB it was almost impossible to find. This is a travesty! Comment below if you think we should petition IMDB to make sure that this jewel of the 80s shows up in its rightful place at the top of the list!

#3 Tales From The Darkside (1983)

"Man lives in the sun lit world of what he believes to be reality, but, there is, unseen by most, a place that is just as real, BUT NOT AS BRIGHTLY LIT.. A DARK SIDE."

These words bring so many good nostaligic feelings. Tales from the dark side was one of those shows that had all kinds of actors and actresses who many of us would recognize.

Tales from the Darkside was the kind of show you watched with the lights off late at night. In my case, I was a kid.

#4 Are You Afraid of the Dark (1990)

The Midnight Society was a group of kids, of varying personalities, who gathered in the woods to tell campfire stories. Again we find the prevalence of actors and actresses who appeared in these shows who would later become very well known!

It ran a few seasons and had a reboot years later. It did not last very long, but honestly all the stories are amazing! I highly recommend watching all of these even as a grown up.

This show aired on Nickelodeon.

#5 Amazing Stories Intro (1985)

I know what you are thinking. This show wasn't very creepy or spooky necessarily, but it definitely deserves a mention on our list. There are number of fantastic stories and adventures, but it was geared towards a bit more of a softer audience so the stories usually have a happy ending.

Still this is a wonderful tv series worth watching if you can get the chance!

#6 Tales From The Crypt (1989)

Who could forget the comedic Crypt Keeper, our host in the HBO series "Tales from the Crypt?" These stories were not for the meek or feint of heart so I suggest, per usual, you go ahead and be sure to have someone to cuddle up with while watching these.

When I was young this show was a valuable and rare experience because it was only on a pay channel.

#7 Freddy’s Nightmares (1988)

A spin off of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie franchise, this series is a 40 minute 2 Story per episode show. Sometimes the two stories are connected sometimes not. The unique brand of freddy Krueger as a host and the chilling vibe the stories give you make this a show worth seeing. But beware: There may be a bit of a corn factor going on.

I watched this show on tv when I was young and remember it being hard to find copies later on. If you can get your hands on these check them out. It's worth adding to the mental library

#8 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955)

This is one of the Ancient spooky story tv series shows. The series was well known and enjoyed by many who were into the "twilight zone" or "the outer limits" series as well. There was a reboot years later, but I have not seen many of these at all.

Let me know if you guys think I should check these out?

#9 The Outer Limits (1963)

"The Outer Limits" was a mind twisting series with many unique twists. It is hard to say if this should be considered sci-fi, but a lot of creative story telling fits into many categories.

There was a reboot of a colorized version which I recall was very good! So if this is a show you haven't heard of. GO FIND IT

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