Time Traveling Nukes of Mohenjo-daro (4/10)

Archaeologists have long enjoyed the mysterious Mohenjo-daro! This was a happening place around 2500 BCE and Apparently “Abandoned” at some point and buried by the desert until it was rediscovered in 1920. Why would Mohenjo-daro be in this list? There are many who point to evidence that this place was actually destroyed by an atomic bomb a few thousand years before we “invented” them! Reports of a quick death showing ancient bodies holding hands in the streets and signs of vitrification made it seem this way, but recently I learned some new information to add to this. In year to come there were more studies revealing that the bodies included people who died in different times. There are signs to indicate that what people originally saw as bodies in the streets were in fact bodies from badly developed burials of the dead. In other words they were bad with graveyards. The name Mohenjo-daro actually translates into something like “mound of the dead”.

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