A wild asshole appears – Disgusting comment by bully

So a friend of mine posts this on Facebook today. It is a heartbreaking story about this poor couple that decided to carry their baby to term who was dead from a brain disorder so they can donate their babies organs to other newborns to save their lives. Then this idiot DAVID comes along and his comment about this selfless couple is judging her on her piercing.  I had to say something. Sorry it might be a bit vulgar. Then he continues in his panic to be macho to lash out on me by making fun of the way I look on my profile (which is an image of a candle). 

This should show you bullies just bully do make themselves seem superior with no basis, and I might not have said the right thing but there is no reasoning or explaining to people like that (I have tried before). 

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Written by Matina

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