920 Minutes To A Unified Community

Once a random pool of genetics in space, this colony of AI creatures has built a home for themselves. Creatures in this simulation have different “creature shapes” or “species,” if you prefer. Generally they stay in their own colonies and fight for survival!

Here, after 920 minutes, we see a structure built by the dominant colony. It was originally a “Tower Rusher” colony (stone creatures that look  like towers), but if you look closer you would see their queen is of the “Arachne” species (a Spider shape) and their colony is made up of many more types of creatures! In their structure is a block representing every creature shape or we might call it “every culture”. This means many creatures contributed to this build even though they looked different and built differently.

It took a random pool of DNA with individual brains to develop a community that truly has “All creatures are the same family” in mind! They did this in 920 minutes.

After many battles, extinctions, prosperous kingdoms that rose and fell these creatures have made a diverse dominant colony for their pocket of the universe made up of many different creature shapes!

They did this in 920 minutes.

How long will it take humans?

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