2 year old boy falls down a well – what we know so far

UPDATE 1.25.19: “Rescue crews in Spain early Saturday found the body of a 2-year-old boy, whose fall into a deep borehole 13 days earlier prompted a complex and heart-wrenching search-and-rescue operation that had the country holding its breath.” –read more on


Presumed Facts about the Julen Rosello Accident:

  1. A 2-year-old boy named Julen Rosello is missing. He fell down a borehole that is approximately 360 feet deep and that is narrower than 10 inches. He has been missing for 3 days.
  2. In 2017 Julen’s brother Oliver who was 3 years old passed away from a heart condition on a family walk at the beach.
  3. “Emergency workers have been unable to pass through the 240-foot mark of the shaft, blocked by an accumulation of hardened soil and rocks.” –
  4. Maria Gamez who is the government representative that has looked at some DNA evidence found stated that there is “scientific evidence that the minor is there ” in the borehole
  5. His parents are José Rosello and Vicky García
  6. The little boy, fell into a possibly unmarked borehole, boreholes are created when someone is digging holes to search for a spot for a well.
  7.  There are more that 100 rescuers working on this rescue currently
  8. Vicky García, Julen’s mom, is quoted saying,  “Oliver, don’t forget your brother, Julen…you know we’ve been waiting for him for many hours. I know you protect him a lot, my little King…If it’s true that there’s a God up there…help him please” she wrote, then concluded with Hold on Julen.” (according to article) 
  9. Angel Garcia the leading engineer stated that currently, Spanish rescuers are drilling a 260-foot long horizontal tunnel which will take approximately 48 hours to complete
  10. All the father of the little boy could do was pull rocks away from the hole so they don’t fall in, he feels helpless and heartbroken.
  11. The rescue effort is now on its 4th day
  12. Angel Garcia, the leading engineer stated that the digging will not start until at least early Friday so a platform for heavy machinery can be put in place
  13. A horizontal hole bored in the past 24 hours from a hillside hit heavy stone and they were unable to continue.
  14. There is rain projected in the forecast

I will update this article as more information comes in. These facts have been collected from news sources and articles.

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